Medical Negligence: When It’s Worse Than It Seems | BPC Law Blog

Everybody has a different threshold for pain, and sometimes even when there’s something wrong with you, you won’t feel it until someone points it out. Unfortunately, there have been cases of medical negligence like this where patients have either been unaware that the doctor has been negligent or they don’t realise the severity of the negligence and how it can be threatening their lives. If you were to speak to any medical negligence lawyer in Sydney, they’d all tell you the same thing: it can be extremely difficult to tell a client that things are worse than they thought.

Sometimes psychological trauma can be more damaging than a physical injury. In cases of medical negligence, lawyers have to balance their duty of giving their clients all the facts without telling them in a way that could upset them and hurt their health. There have been numerous cases where lawyers in all fields have had to carefully reveal details in their discussions with clients so as not to cause them further distress. If you think that there’s no need for this tip-toeing around certain information, you need to realise just how shocking some news can be. For instance one lawyer was dealing with a husband and wife who had no previous marriages and no children. The husband had died and as the lawyer went through the paperwork he found the husband had been married as a teenager and had had three children. When he told the unknowing wife, she had a massive cardiac episode.

To keep everyone safe, medical negligence lawyers in these situations will try to build a strong working-relationship with their client, as well as practising emphasising for their specific situation. They may also encourage the client to visit their GP or talk to a psychiatrist, as well as to attend legal meetings with a close friend or relative to help soften the blow. Even taking breaks during meetings can allow the person to take in distressing information in a more relaxed and safe manner.

Simple measures that can make the client both understand the information and realise that no one is trying to make them upset can really be lifesavers in such awful and painful situations.


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