Medical Negligence: Health Care Providers Behaving Badly | BPC Law Blog

We like to believe that doctors are trustworthy, every year they are voted as one of the most trustworthy professions in polls, alongside firefighters and pilots. But not all doctors are trustworthy and they can actually be extremely negligent in their medical care of patients. When a doctor is negligent in their care, the best way for a victim to be compensated is to seek the help of a medical negligence lawyer who can guide them through the process.

Medical Negligence

Early last month a Melbourne chiropractor was successfully sued for medical negligence, amounting in over $200,000 compensation for the victim. The ABC’s Radio National Law Report Program described how it was an extremely long case that lasted four years in court.

The details of the case were these: Ercan Tekin suffers from cerebral palsy and had read that there were opportunities for treatment with stem cells in Mexico. However, he couldn’t get these stem cell treatments without first having hyperbaric treatment (the same treatment used for divers with the bends, where they are exposed to increased air pressure). He found that Malcolm Hooper offered hyperbaric treatment at his clinic and went along. Mr Tekin was under the impression that because he made Mr Hooper aware of his income only being a pension that there would be some form of discount for him. However, Mr Tekin received a bill for $50,000 and this was followed with threats. Mr Hooper even suggested that Mr Tekin get his brother to rob a bank for him to be able to pay the bill.

Medical negligence

A hypobaric chamber

The real case of medical negligence then comes into play – there is no scientific evidence that the treatments Mr Hooper was giving Mr Tekin would have any effect, yet Mr Hooper had sold them to Mr Tekin as having some positive effect. It was found that Mr Hooper had acted unprofessionally by suggesting these false claims were in fact true. Disturbingly, when brought to court Mr Hooper continued to believe that he had done nothing wrong and had never acted unprofessionally.

Though there are measures in place to stop people like Mr Hooper from reoffending, there is no national standard. This means that they can very easily go across the border into another state or territory and continue what they were doing.


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