Instances of Personal Injury

The term ‘personal injury’ appears in newspapers and TV reports a lot these days, but what are they actually talking about? Personal injury lawyers work with people who believe that they have been injured due to the actions of someone else, so personal injury is when you are hurt (physically, mentally, or emotionally) but the blame rests with someone else. These are a few instances of personal injuries and any specific areas of expertise your personal injury lawyer should have:

  • Transport accident (this includes cars, motorbikes, trains, and ferries)
  • At work or due to work (cases like these will go through WorkCover or you can speak to a workers compensation lawyer)
  • Because of a medical treatment (e.g. something goes wrong in an operation, and you weren’t warned it could happen. A medical negligence lawyer is who you want to look for in this instance)
  • On public or private property (depending on which one it is, you will need to look at finding a lawyer who knows about Occupiers or Public Liability)
  • Using a faulty product (this falls under Product Liability)
  • Because of a criminal act (you’ll need to look at Victims of Crime compensation)
  • Workplace discrimination (this includes unfair dismissals)
  • Sexual abuse or harassment
  • Because of some other unmentioned professional services (this is professional negligence)image01

Chances are that the personal injury that you want to claim for is somewhere in that list. Once you’ve identified exactly what category your personal injury falls under, the next step is to find the right lawyer, for instance you don’t want to choose a medical negligence lawyer when your problem is one to do with workers compensation. When you do choose a personal injury lawyer for your claim, remember to bring as much information about your injuries as possible, whether its medical reports, photos, or witness statements. The last thing you want is for your claim to be unsuccessful because you didn’t provide enough evidence.

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