Poor Records and Medical Negligence

Medical negligence lawyers in Sydney and around Australia are incredibly important. We presume that because we live in a first world country that our hospitals are some of the best in the world. They are not and there are plenty of opportunities for medical negligence lawyers to help patients achieve some sort of justice.medical negligence

In June, the poor medical record keeping practices in Australian hospitals were highlighted when a woman was awarded $360,000 compensation for the death of her newborn son. Estimates have suggested that 18 thousand people die every year because of a medical error, while another 50 thousand suffer permanent injuries due to medical errors.

However, there is no system of collection and linking when it comes to data regarding medical errors, so the figures could be even higher. The Medical Error Action Group says that they receive around 50 complaints a day that can be called medical errors.The Medical Error Action Group also suggests that one in ten patients will fall foul of a medical error, if they’re particularly unlucky, an error that involves the wrong surgery site or even the wrong patient. Other cases have involved patients dying from being given medication they are allergic to because doctors have not checked their records or the medical records are incorrect.

There is the strong belief held by those who have seen the results of medical errors or experienced them themselves that even after the 1995 Quality in Australian Health Care Study found that medical errors occurred with 16.6% of patients, doctors and medical organisations are covering things up.

This is where victims need to seek the help of medical negligence lawyers. It is thought that around three per cent of practising doctors are accounting for half of the complaints of medical negligence. Presumably the same errors keep happening. These doctors need to be taken to court and the patients properly compensated to prevent it from continuing to happen.

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