Strange Insurance Claims

There are many law firms around the world that offer No Win No Pay Lawyers. And in some very bizarre and strange cases, this system of No Win No Pay would have been very comforting for the claimants. It may seem that Insurance Lawyers in Sydney, and indeed around the world, would not get those sorts of strange claims but here is a list of five strange and true insurance claims:Insurance claims

  1. A farmer in the UK wanted to make a claim for his iPhone failing to work properly. That is a fairly standard claim, however, it no longer worked because one dark, stormy night, he was using his iPhone as a light source while helping one of his cows give birth. During the calving, he lost the iPhone in the cow’s rear end. When it reappeared some days later it failed to work. His claim was successful.
  2. Paula Catelli was a bride in Italy. For her wedding, she wore a beautiful handmade dress. Unfortunately, her wedding dress was made of a synthetic material that ignited when she stood too close to a barbeque. Her new husband saved her by throwing her into the sea. Her insurance company paid her 50% compensation for the mishap.
  3. Around Christmas time, a man was driving home from shopping. Ahead of him, coming the other way down the road, was a car with a Christmas tree poorly tied to its roof. Almost instantly after the man made this observation, the Christmas tree came loose from the roof of the car, smashing into the man’s bonnet, and making him swerve off the road into a hedge. The man’s insurance company paid out all the damages.
  4. A family were holidaying on the beach in the UK. The two children decided the best way to protect their family video camera from being stolen while they went swimming was to bury it in the sand. They forgot where they buried it and their insurer covered the loss.
  5. A tourist in Athens became distracted while walking by a group of women in bikinis. He broke his nose when he walked into the side of a bus shelter. His hospital bills were covered.

There are no restrictions relating to sensibleness or embarrassment when it comes to what an insurance lawyer can help you claim for. If you are considering insurance lawyers in Sydney, call BPC Lawyers on (02) 8355 4002. They are also No Win No Pay Lawyers.


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