Workplace Bullying and Compensation

Recent moves by Safe Work Australia has seen the definition of work place bullying be expanded, and therefore, there are more cases of workplace bullying for a victim to hire workers compensation lawyers in Sydney and throughout Australia to fight for them. Workers compensation lawyers can be employed when a person is injured at work or suffers an illness arising from work. Workplace bullying falls under this definition as injury stands for both physical and mental afflictions, and, therefore, a claim for workers compensation can be made. But what is workplace bullying?

Workplace bullying is repeated, unreasonable behaviour towards a worker, or workers, that creates a risk to their health and safety.

Unreasonable behaviour includes:

  • Abusive, offensive, or insulting language.
  • Undue criticism.
  • Excluding a person from normal work activities.
  • Withholding vital information that affects a person’s work performance.
  • Setting unreasonable time constraints or constantly changing deadlines.
  • Overloading a person with work, or, alternatively, not giving them enough work.
  • Setting tasks that are well below or above a person’s skill level.
  • Spreading rumours about a person.
  • Denying access to information, supervision, resources or consultation, leading to negative effects to the worker in question.
  • Not allowing a worker access to workplace entitlements like leave.

However, there are some things that are not deemed as workplace bullying for various reasons.

Not counted as workplace bullying include:

  • Reasonable management action, including telling a worker their performance is unsatisfactory, after following performances management guidelines.
  • Discrimination and harassment: there are different laws to deal with these matters.
  • A single incident of unreasonable behaviour.
  • Violence: again there are other laws and procedures to deal with these matters.

If you are considering a workers compensation claim in regards to workplace bullying, there are several things compensation lawyers may ask you to do and keep in mind.


  • Keep records of the incidents.
  • Back up your claim with medical evidence (this includes psychological injuries).
  • Strict time limits apply to workers compensation claims.
  • A compensation claim may not stop the bullying.

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