10 Signs You Need to Consult with Compensation Lawyers

You need to protect your most valuable asset; your capacity to work. To help you determine whether you need to consult with workers compensation lawyers when you’ve sustained an injury at work, consider the 10 signs you may need to see one.


  1. Your injury is so severe that you may be unable to work for a while

  2. Your injury dramatically affects your ability to do your work long term, making you eligible for permanent partial disability

  3. You have been rendered unable to work in any capacity

  4. Your injury has left you unable to do your work, but allows you to work in some capacity

  5. You have any pre-existing disability or disabilities

  6. You need to contest your employer’s decision or that of your employer’s insurance or healthcare provider’s concerning your claim for workers compensation

  7. You feel you have been denied of some benefits that have been stipulated in your insurance contract, or that you are entitled to other benefits

  8. You have been completely denied of medical benefits

  9. Your employer contests the decisions made by your insurance or healthcare provider

  10. There are certain provisions in your workers compensation that you need clarified or if you need to fully understand how workers compensation works.


It is extremely important to consult with workers compensation lawyers in Sydney to fully understand the provisions that cover the laws governing personal injury claims. Remember that any worker is exposed to some risks. There are injuries that are extremely life-altering such as those that could leave you unable to work for the rest of your life. For any injury that you sustain while performing your work, it is the duty of your employer to help you get proper medical care and to help you recover so you can get back on your feet.


It is also the duty of your employer to sort out how else you can go back to work in the company by providing you with an alternative work if you’re unable to carry out your previous job. If your employer offers you no such opportunity, the compensation lawyer can negotiate with them on your behalf.


The compensation lawyer can also sort out with your employer some form of remuneration to cover for your lost income while you’re focusing on recovering.


Also, workers compensation claims involve some complex legal issues that could easily confuse you. It’s best to leave legal stuff with the professionals so you can focus more on recuperating and getting back on your feet.

For more information on laws surrounding workers compensation in Sydney, visit BPC Lawyers at www.BPCLaw.com.au or call 02 8355 4003 today.


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